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CDL Class A or CDL Class B Driver

Hurst, TX, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About Mdm Scaffolding

Mdm Scaffolding is a full-service provider of specialized services, access, shoring, and hoisting solutions to the industrial, commercial, and aircraft industries since 1993. We deliver efficient, high-performance multi-service solutions; a wide range of commercial and industrial equipment; and an experienced engineering staff to service your construction project needs.

We pride ourselves on investing in our workforce and offer a competitive compensation package and benefits (PTO, health, dental and vision, short-term and long-term disability, accident, life and travel insurance), as well as extensive on-the-job training for all eligible employees.

Job Summary

As a CDL Driver, this position is required to deliver and pick up equipment on a 26’ flatbed truck. During slow times, drivers have the option to help our shipping/receiving department to help pull orders, to make up for lost time.

Main Responsibilities

  • Both local and long-distance driving (D/FW metroplex and surrounding regions and states)

  • Communicating and coordinating with Operations daily

  • Obeying and following applicable traffic laws

  • Securing scaffold and properly arranging it on truck

  • Maintaining a detailed log of working hours in compliance with daily schedule, as well as state and federal regulations

  • Ensuring any mechanical issues with the vehicle are corrected before driving

  • Planning routes and meeting delivery schedules

  • Complying with truck driving rules and regulations

  • Performing daily maintenance of truck (refueling, cleaning, etc.)

  • Loading and unloading truck with forklifts and pallet jack

  • Manage time to meet daily delivery time demands without compromising safety, staying within legal posted speed limits, and adhering to all laws

  • Interacting with customers and field team members in a professional manner

  • Performing pre-and-post-trip vehicle inspection reports

  • Verifying loads for accuracy

  • Know the difference (after training), between Mdm equipment and competitive equipment, or customer-owned equipment on the same job site; and/or equipment returned to our yard that isn’t Mdm Equipment (Know the difference)

Job Requirements

  • 5 Years’ experience utilizing flatbed trucks requiring chaining and strapping procedures, proper loading techniques, and assuring all loads are securely tied down to prevent falling off a truck

  • Experience performing daily pre-drive inspections of vehicle

  • Ability to work M-F and some weekends and nights

  • Must have a clean driving and background for badging on high-security job sites

  • Drivers are required to start early to meet the field crew at the job site by 7:00 am

  • Pass drug screen and DOT physical (before and randomly during employment), and after an accident

  • Climb in and out of the truck cab, on and off the truck bed unassisted

  • Lift up to 80 lbs. on an occasional basis, 50 lbs. on a regular basis

  • Throw straps and properly tie downloads for safe travel

  • Operate and certified on a forklift with 2 years minimum experience

  • Read delivery and return tickets, trucking schedules, DOT logs, and all correspondence related to the safe operations of trucks, forklifts, and hand tools

  • Write essential information on appropriate documents

  • Maintain daily delivery/return log noting arrival and departures and items out of the ordinary (stop for gas, traffic accident, etc.)

  • Work outside yard and delivery conditions, unaffected by dust and extreme temperatures, and able to dress appropriately for all weather conditions

  • Adapt to changes in work assignments daily, if necessary, including short notice when changes in times

  • Ability to maintain the truck in good, safe working conditions, notifying your supervisor when maintenance needs to be performed or inspections or licenses are getting ready to expire

  • Flexible lunch times, as schedules vary

  • Required to clock in/out via company-assigned mobile app to confirm time spent

  • Required to assist Field crew members on job sites as needed

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